Antoine Lie Olfactive Experience
Antoine Lie has been a perfumer for almost 30 years. After training at the famous Roure school of perfumery in Grasse, he worked for major perfume houses and created compositions that have won him numerous international awards as well as a dedicated fan base devoted to his innovative and even avant-garde compositions.
An independent perfumer since 2019, Antoine values having the freedom to create bold and surprising scent compositions for like-minded clients. With the launch of ALOE (Antoine Lie Olfactive Experience), Antoine officially declares his mission to create perfumes for new and established brands as well as bespoke perfume for individual perfume lovers, with his pick of superior ingredients from trusted sources.
He also offers his consulting services for perfumers working outside the traditional system. And, in addition to creating perfume, he develops olfactory signatures for spaces and events, including art events, fashion shows, and cultural spaces.
Because of his desire to experiment and push the boundaries of scent, he is especially interested in responding to requests for unique, innovative projects focused on the use of high-end, quality ingredients for compositions that reflect his bold signature.

Few designers are able to reconcile the needs of the perfume industry with the genius of an independent work of art. The subversive perfumer Antoine Lie is surely one of them. This man is well known for having evolved in two seemingly opposite worlds: the big traditional brands and the more obscure brands. Miguel Matos - Fragrantica

Antoine Lie is a perfumer of great skill and inspiration. He has created incredibly commercial perfumes, so much so that they generate a legion of clones who desperately seek to smell ‘as good…’ Lie has a proven talent for innovative and challenging fragrances. Nick Gilbert - Basenotes