Antoine Lie Olfactive Experience


As an independent perfumer, Antoine has chosen to collaborate with companies that share the same values of authenticity, quality, and originality and who are also alternative players in this new emerging world of perfumery.

L’Atelier français des matières (The French Atelier of Materials) is one of these partners, founded by a sourcer of perfume ingredients with more than 25 years of experience at major perfume houses and who maintains a unique relationship with producers from around the world. The independent perfume laboratory AFDM in France is unique because of its exclusive supply of high-end natural ingredients and its innovative research on extraction processes that allow Antoine’s vision of perfume to be realized.

Antoine is also a permanent consultant at the Atelier Fragranze Milano (AFM) Perfumery Laboratory, created in 2011 by Italian perfumers. The AFM will be an essential resource for a new generation of luxury perfumery, not only in Italy, but also the world. Working as an advisor allows him to achieve two of his goals at once: to establish a higher level of excellence in perfumery and to share his knowledge and values with new perfumers.

Antoine is now represented by GRACE, the first agency representing "noses" --artists who create perfumes. GRACE wants to put the perfumer, the industry's leading player, back in the center of creation. GRACE's original idea was to showcase the creativity and expertise of perfumers in fields beyond perfumery. Together, they will identify and work on new territories of expression..

I have both creative freedom and the resources of partners who share the same values of this profession, and we’re looking forward to a variety of projects. No matter the customer or the perfume category, those who trust me know that every scent I compose will reflect my values: authenticity, innovation and originality. -Antoine Lie