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Film To be a perfumer in 2024 :



After 27 years of experience in composition houses, seasoned professional Antoine Lie has embarked on a transformative journey towards independence as an accomplished perfumer. It is a true reinvention and a major leap of faith, driven by a compelling desire to reclaim his creative autonomy and assume the role of a true creator.

In his current projects, Antoine thrives on expressing himself through unique creations, meticulously analysing the different elements and actively contributing to each project as a valued collaborator. In 2024, his role as an independent perfumer goes beyond the mechanical task of blending scents.

By committing himself to creative, high-quality perfumery, he is positioning himself as a new guiding force in perfumery, contributing to a dynamic landscape of olfactory experiences.

Antoine's dedication to the art of perfumery is evident in his commitment to creating captivating scents that transcend traditional boundaries, making him a remarkable presence in the ever-changing world of perfumery. Explore his portfolio to discover the essence of true creative mastery and a commitment to excellence.

Embodying the essence of a creator who delivers fragrance with profound meaning




I want to return to an authentic artisanal approach to making my fragrances. My intention is to invest more in human expertise and creativity, rather than in a soulless marketing strategy. Although images and marketing remain essential, their primary role is to sublimate the perfumer's artistic creation.

 Through my work, I want to share the olfactory expression of an artistic project through mastered and adapted know-how. What sets a luxury perfume apart is not just its magnificent packaging and dazzling marketing, but the quality of its ingredients, its originality and the time spent designing it.

- Antoine Lie

Time is the ultimate ingredient of luxury.




From commercial successes such as Armani Code, Romance For Men by R. Lauren and Crystal Noir by Versace, to the more controversial scents of Etat Libre d'Orange (Sécrétions Magnifiques, Rien...), for example, which reflect a rebellion against the system, Antoine Lie remains convinced that the industry will continue to favour profit over creativity. As an independent perfumer, he is free to work in accordance with his values for the perfume brands and houses that request his services.


To break the rules, you must know their limits.




L'Atelier Français des Matières (AFDM) :

L'Atelier français des matières counts among its partners the expertise of a natural ingredient source with over 25 years' experience working for leading perfume houses. This unique collaboration is distinguished by a privileged relationship with producers from all over the world. AFDM's independent perfume laboratory in France stands out for its exclusive sourcing of specific natural products and its innovative research into extraction processes. These unique, top-of-the-range ingredients are the key to realising the exceptional vision of fragrance conveyed by this partnership.

L'Atelier Fragranze Milano (AFM) :

Antoine also plays a permanent consultancy role at Atelier Fragranze Milano (AFM), founded in 2011 by Italian perfumers. AFM is establishing itself as a key resource for a new generation of luxury fragrances, both in Italy and globally. His commitment as a mentor within the AFM allows him to achieve two goals simultaneously: to raise the level of excellence in perfumery and to share his knowledge and values with the new generation of perfumers.



Antoine, a pioneer in his vision, was one of the first perfumers to join GRACE, the first agency dedicated to "noses" - artists who create fragrances.




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